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Thirsty Wilson Band is available for:  Private Parties, Festivals, Weddings, Birthdays, Holiday Parties, Employee Parties, & More.

Check out TW's schedule.  If you don't see TW at your favorite bar, tell your bartender that they should hire Thirsty Wilson!

They are available for:  Bars, Festivals & Private Parties such as: 4th of July, New Years Eve, Birthdays, Graduation Parties, Summer BBQ's, Employee Appreciation, Promotions, Weddings, & just because you want to through a party!

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Call:  609-374-1414


Guaranteed fun times and great music!   A little sumpin' for everyone!  

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Fun Times!

2 Band Demos (Mostly Modern Party Music & Timeless Favorites)

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Thirsty Wilson is:  Chris Swartz (Lead Vocals & Guitar), John Petronis (Lead Guitar & Vocals), Don "Doc" Rogers (Bass & Vocals), Guy Potts (Drums/Percussion & Lead Vocals).  

Origin of the band & how we got our name:  Thirsty Wilson started as a 3 - Man Acoustic Band by Jamie Sofroney, Matt Holman, and    .  Wilson is Sofroney's middle name and who isn't thirsty?  Hence the name of the band was created.  Down to only two players, they brought in guitarist John Petronis in April 2010 and saw potential to rock out at bigger venues that attract dancing and a great party atmosphere.  They brought in drummer Mark Darretta in June 2010 and Petronis asked "Are you guys thinking of going electric? I have a bass player in mind!  Don "Doc" Rogers!  Doc joined the band in October 2010.  John Petronis & Doc Rogers continued to keep Thirsty Wilson going as the band evolved over the years.  They have stayed on course with the band's mission of being fun & versatile.  With the addition of Chris Swartz in December 2013 and Guy Potts in November 2014, TW now has the distinction of not only taking the fun atmosphere to the next level, TW is definitely South Jersey's most versatile & premier party band!  Even though TW is mostly a modern party rock & dance band, they hold onto all timeless favorites that everyone loves! The music changes with the venue.

The rest is history...Rock on!

Thirsty Wilson continues to evolve and appeal to a very broad audience of fans who love live music!

About Thirsty Wilson

Thirsty Wilson Band

What they have to say:  "AC Weekly's Band of the Month, April 2014"     
​"I can 't believe all the different types of music they play!   We had so much fun dancing!"     "We need to book them again next year!"